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About Us

The future of digital health

testFRWD Americas (TFA) is the 1st global acting platform enabling certified “test anywhere” by binding a medical result to a verified digital identity.

TFA is well-positioned to make a real contribution to solving one of the toughest challenges in health care technology: how to best deliver and manage the integrity and legitimacy of the testing process.

We provide a test anywhere system enhanced with digital ID verification and AI result verification. Connecting players in the health space, connecting customers to manufacturers, POC's and laboratories, and easily integrating into any Application, entry control system, or health passport.

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Short Term

Leveraging our technology (IT, app & kits), co-licensed partner products, and solutions (buy & build approach) to break up existing oligopoly systems and rigid structures in the public and private sector. Furthermore, facilitating completion and consequently reducing prices for the end consumer (patient) while improving convenience, speed, and user experience.

Long Term

The global industry is developing interesting solutions that can be integrated into the TFA ecosystem and will enable new ways of bringing testing for diseases, clinical analysis, genetic testing, and other applications to people. Identifying these products early will enable TFA to quickly get them to markets, using existing distribution networks and local teams. Multiple opportunities exist on how to participate in the success of these ideas.


United States & South America

testFWRD Americas further extends the global reach of the testFRWD brand and technology. We are continuing to expand into new channels as part of a rapid testing alliance with testFWRD identyMe.


testFRWD identyMe is certified and approved in the E.U. and is now available in all 26 E.U. member states.