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identyME WEB APP

identyME by testFRWD is a fully digital, scalable and simple home certification and result verification system for rapid testing platforms like Antigen and Antibody tests that allows seamless and easy integration into any Application, entry control system or health passport.

How the WebApp works

After opening the testFRWD Americas WebApp and placing the smartphone in front of you, the application activates the smartphone’s camera and asks you to perform an online ID process similar to the processes in the online banking industry.

Filming is initiated and takes place while you perform the test. This step is required to prove that you have taken the test yourself and did everything correctly.

The laboratory (PCR) or our AI (Rapid Test) will analyze the result, and you will be issued a certificate.

Data is handled confidentially and stored temporarily (maximum 14 days) to issue travel certificates or satisfy the mandatory reporting of positive test results based on the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.